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Call for projects: Evaluation of the medical and/or economic benefit of medical devices based on artificial intelligence

Source: La Nouvelle Republique .fr as of 05-05-2020

The objective of this AAP is to support evaluation projects aimed at demonstrating the usefulness of medical devices based on artificial intelligence, the results of projects to justify the practical use of the tested device. 

Each successful project will receive a financial support of up to 500,000 euros in the form of a grant for a project duration of between 12 and 36 months..

Expected projects

Expected projects can be one-partner or collaborative, private(s) or public and may include a technology:

  • which is not yet on the market,,
  • which is already on the market and has already obtained a CE and/or FDA mark.

In both cases, the development of the device must be sufficiently successful to carry out the evaluation: 

  • algorithm development l’algorithme no longer needs to be modified to be evaluated,and
  • Algorithm settings must be .

The request for assistance must be between 100,000 and 500,000 euros for a project period of between 12 and 36 months.

Selection criteria

  • Clarity and relevance of expected medical and/or medical impact
  • Degree of project innovation
  • Experience of project owners and project maturity
  • Market potential
  • Funding plan
  • Quality of proposed study protocol

Financial support terms:

Funding financement for this call for projects will be in the form of state aid in the form of grants.
For the share of eligible expenses,the maximum intervention rates are:

  • Small business: 60%
  • Average business: 50%
  • Large company: 40%
  • en Full-cost public establishment: 35%
  • Public establishment in additional costs: 85%


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