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Boeing unveils its first artificial intelligence combat drone

Source: Sputnik News as  of 05-05-2020

An Australian-designed  australienne military drone that  uses  artificial  intelligence  to  target enemies  has  been  unveiled to the general public by Boeing. Called  Loyal Wingman,  it  is supposed to carry out  the pilot’s  commands  of another  fighter, operating  independently.  

U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing has unveiled  the first combat drone with artificial intelligence for the Australian Air Force, the company’s Australian division announced in a statement on May 4.

“The Australian industrial group, led by Boeing, introduced the first Loyal Wingman drone for the Royal Australian Air Force, which is a historic event for the company and the Commonwealth,” reads the company’s website.

The drone, which  uses  artificial  intelligence  to  build the capabilities of  piloted  and  uninhabited platforms,   is  the first  aircraft  designed  and  manufactured in Australia  in more than   50 years.

The peculiarity  of  this  new  model  is that it will be  used  as a fire support aircraft,   operating  in  semi-autonomous  The Loyal Wingman  is  supposed to  execute  the  pilot’s commands of  another  fighter  while  operating  independently.  

 The company  added    that it  was  planned  to  create three prototypes.

In addition, ground testing of the first of them  will begin  soon and test  flights  will  take place  by the end of  the year.


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