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Source: Challenges as of 22-04-2020

AZmed develops deep learning algorithms to save doctors time and en accuracy, helping them in their image analysis. Their solution can detect any abnormality such as fractures, on all x-rays, at any time, in less than a second. This start-up is part of the “100 start-ups to invest in 2020” selection of Challenges. 

Capital sought:10 million euros

Their three profiles are very complementary:the physician-intern Elie Zerbib-Attal-Attal, the data specialist Alexandre Attia and the financier Julien Vidal are the same age,26 years old and they promised to revolutionize the field of medical imaging. “At the hospital, Elijah complained that he didn’t have enough time to devote to in-depth examinations with high added value,” says Julien Vidal. It is not the only one: radios allow emergency doctors, hot,to make a decision but 95% of them are not analyzed within 24 hours. The three friends developed Rayvolve, an artificial intelligence software that en detects all types of fractures in standard X-rays, using artificial intelligence. “We offer our X-ray algorithm to all emergency services in difficulty,” explained Julien Vidal on 26 March.

Installed since 2018 in the Paris offices of Techstars, the prestigious American accelerator , AZmed has spent more than a year to have its invention certified and displays the CE marking since last summer. The solution is already installed in 25 hospitals in France which allows them to recover some 400,000 images at an annual rate. A valuable harvest through which the fifteen researchers and developers of AZmed can improve their algorithm. Detection of bone and brain damage or to the chest, lungs… all avenues of medical imaging are studied. The next fundraiser will enable these new projects to be completed and the start-up will start internationally launching, en starting with Europe.


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