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Source: La Tribune as of 17-07-2020

The Toulouse is AI collective, in collaboration with Aqsone and with the support of the Aerospace Valley, is launching a mapping reference to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups in Toulouse. The initiative aims to highlight the players in artificial intelligence, while facilitating the link between companies. Presentation.

Since its creation in 2018 by At Home and a group of experts as part of the digital ecosystems project call launched by the Occitanie Region, the Toulouse is AI programme is responsible for bringing together the Toulouse e-cosyste?me of artificial intelligence. After several conferences, workshops and events, the collective takes things to the next level by launching a map of all companies that provide artificial intelligence solutions or integrate it into their value proposition.

“We had already produced a small map, but it was more of a collection of logos. And it is true that during this containment, it seemed even more essential to make it more accessible, more complete. Aqsone was responsible for making it pretty and operational,” explains Philippe Coste, a partner in At Home’s permanent team.

To date, approximately 70 TPEs, SMEs and startups have been listed in various fields such as robotics (Easy Mile, Naïo Technologies), agritech (TerraNIS), cybersecurity (ITrust), foodtech (GOA SOFT), aero (Flightwatching, OpenAirlines) and greentech (Murmuration).


Created during confinement, this mapping was conceived as a real tool of mutual aid for companies, whether through the linking of structures wishing to integrate AI in their organizations with suppliers or for the actors of AI among themselves.

“We are in crisis and it was essential, even more so today, that those who are involved in these subjects, who have skills, who are in the capacity to witness the development of these technologies, who are suppliers of these technological solutions etc., are better identified and that they know each other better.

In these difficult times, getting to know each other and meeting each other can lead to new opportunities. For example, to ensure that these small businesses are better promoted and that their proposal is consumed by those who are larger or less affected by the crisis, or even to help students looking for internships etc. It is also a form of promotion of local consumption that is highlighted,” argues Philippe Coste.

In order to build a more complete mapping of the Toulouse ecosystem, Toulouse is AI invites companies to reference their structures on its website, and to share the initiative with all their respective relevant contacts. The collective has also planned the implementation of a newsletter.

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