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Source: Les Echos as of 30-03-2020

To streamline the management of its thousand suppliers, the short-circuit wine buying platform has chosen an artificial intelligence tool. The result: facilitated fencing and a free-falling number of accounting errors.

Vincent Bouquet

Photo Getty Images/iStockphoto Winemakers, through a dedicated space on the platform, can carry out the actions necessary to put their bottles up for sale.

A lack of water in its wine, The Grapes has put oil in its workings. Created in September 2014, the short-circuit wine buying platform has grown a lot over the past five years, and now deals with more than a thousand suppliers. “Every month, the winemakers had to send their invoices, by email or mail, to our wine-grower relations division, which then had to deal with them,” recalls its administrative and financial manager, Elsa Moisand. A challenge for this structure of about thirty employees, who do not all devote themselves, so much, to accounting.

To make this management more fluid, The Grapes decided to act in two stages. First, by building, internally, a platform where winemakers, through a dedicated space, can carry out the actions necessary to put their bottles up for sale, update their offers, keep an eye on their order volumes and send their Bills. “Thanks to this system, all invoices are integrated into the back office and winemakers know exactly what they are selling and at what price,” says Moisand. This has made their lives easier, like ours, and allows us to have a clear basis for dialogue in the event of a dispute. »


In order to go further, and to smooth out the tedious and time-consuming work of accounting seizure, the administrative and financial manager then chose to automate it. After verification, invoices have been directly imported into Inqom for the past year. Based on artificial intelligence, the software reads the invoice, creates the accounting and assigns it to the adequate bank account. “Our job now is to make sure there are no bills missing,” adds Elsa

Mr. Moisand. With lettering and automatic allocation of bank movements, third-party accounts are managed very simply and teams can focus on analysis rather than accounting. Above all, The Grapes can now have a much stricter follow-up and achieve monthly closings in one or two days.

“Before, this would not have been possible, because we spent a lot of time grasping and assigning

accountants,” says the administrative and financial manager. The platform has also seen a decrease in the number of its accounting errors, thanks to a simpler identification of potential problems regardless of the format of the invoice. By ricochet effect, winemakers can also concentrate on their core business. Far, far away from accounting.

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