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Source: Decideo as of 16-04-2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) often brings to mind images of home robots and autonomous cars – or even those eye-catching machines that perform daily tasks without any effort with  superhuman speed and efficiency. Yet it is behind this appearance that lies all its magic and that it takes on a different meaning, that of DNA of the data that fills the gaps in their treatment.

The collective imagination is  populated by cyborgs and other robots with  intelligence. However, in today’s world, AI, though impalpable, appears more  like  the cornerstone, which is an essential asset for any business. Most organizations organisations  understand the importance of using  their  data  to reduce  costs  and  serve their customers effectively. What happens, however, when  they  become too large to e understood? This is where AI comes in,  en turning  a  wealth of separate data into a meaningful view of  all facets  of the business.

Big Data and AI:  from  IT code to business profits  

The Ideas Programming Existed Since centuries, But This is not only to leave 20th century, with advent new ones Computers, that a upsurge in Languages Programming Has Permitted to exploit Fully These New machines, and Shape The Paradigm “Big Data” Illustrates Currently the world Modern.
We Have Recently Reached A Stage Where Our Devices Generate A Amount Mind blowing Data. According to an article Recent Forbes, the volume of New Data Created In 2020 Was Estimated 35 zettabites (Yes 35 billion gigabites). There are two Years, This Figure stood 33 zettabites, Leading Cabinet analysts IDC Predict that in 2025, 175 zettabites (Yes 175 billion gigabites) New Data Would Created World. This Mass Is way too much Consistent For Be Treated by a simple Collaborator Yes Same By A Team Whole. The Organizations Count Rather On intelligence Artificial For Aggregate, Analyze And Evaluate The Data: Actions Essential In All industries.

The Sector BankBy Example, Benefits Enormously AI. Within the Bank Hdfc In India, machine learning, a sub-Group AI, Allows analyze The Data Demographic, Geographical And Other for Operations micro-Credit.
In management Content (Content Management), AI Is Used in Tens Case , in the Engines research corporate (Enterprise Search) Yes within services that are likely to Also Different marketing, marketing, Legal And Editing. To find, read and Recommend Articles Is A Process That Are Since Long and who, Today, Must His Success At the Complementarity  Algorithms Customizable AI And teams Going To 20 Employees.

The data  is  to  AI  what  nucleotides  are to DNA

The power of AI Do Can Serve only with The Availability Data. The Ability one of the Algorithm To Recognize  Models and make suggestions Depends on In Effect This that he Can Shoot  Data Raw. Gold The Proliferation continues to Data RiskTo Term, Make Chaotic And Uncontrollable. TodayThe Data Do Are More Only  Channels Figures, Letters and Symbols. It Can It’s a good thing Thousands Characters Representative By Example Speech Human. Then, how to give a Sense at all This ?
The Treatment Automatic Of Language (TALN), a sub-sub-Field IT that rests Widely on machine learning, Acts At the Junction IT and Language Natural. It’s not only A Example Technology Cognitive Can Analyze Quickly large sets of Data Not Structured, As The Data MedicalThe Contracts and the Texts LegalFor Clear  Trends And Discover solutions to Problems Complex. It’s not only A Task Time consuming that a Be Human Would trouble Accomplish, But That Can Right now Be Carried out In A few Seconds.
A Other Example Is The Translation. A Person which starts from Zero Can pass Years (Or Any A life) Learn To Translate a job English The Japanese. A Algorithm Based on machine learning Can Right now The Realize Instantly while the Text Is Typed.
It’s not only This Way That AI turns out to be Be DNA  Data. The Data Only Do Can Solve Automatically A Problem. A base of Data Containing Each word from All The Languages World Would useless without a Interpreter For Him give a Sense.

One study Shown that “transplantation” Object” Compromises The Reliability Recognition Facial Based On AI, Leaving hear that time shutdownA Gesture Instinctive man that helps us identify When things don’t Are Not This they Seem BeContinues to escape To Algorithms Smart. Evolution AI In So DNA  Data Do Can Be Ruled out And Sometimes The merger of human beings and the machine Is Amazing.


To solve a classic machine learning problem — correctly identifying  handwritten numbers  —  Caltech  researchers have developed  an  artificial neural network  based on  DNA. If we  are able  to program AI in synthetic biomolecular  circuits, companies  should be able to use  AI  to better  serve  their customers.
By integrating  core technologies with Middlewares,applications become flexible, state-of-the-art  platforms  thanks  to  the contribution of AI.  Developed  with  speed and  agility, they can reduce  the  number of steps in a  process from 20 to 4, while  en evolving with customer  demand.   
A  corollary concept of  the company  is  the existence of an intelligent data  hub  with  a centralized  architecture  for  their management at the  level  of applications, places  and  objects. As data en  grows  and becomes  more  complex,  this  ‘hub’ makes it easily usable thanks  to  its  artificial intelligence  layer, which   governs   them while  en making  it  available  in real time to  business users. .

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