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Source: Nice-Matin (Cannes) of  11-03-2020 

The Department inaugurated yesterday in Biot, the first AI House in France. The goal is to explain and master this technology. Video analysis, personal assistance, travel… Guided tour

Innovation, digital tools, a few smiles and a good dose of grey matter. This is the cocktail that awaits the visitor in the brand new “House of Artificial Intelligence“. Inaugurated yesterday at Biot-Sophia Antipolis, at 1361 Lucioles Road, this future-oriented space presents itself as a first in France. And a source of pride for innovation on the French Riviera.

The department of the AlpesMaritimes, together with its president Charles-Ange Ginésy, has invested one million euros to redevelop these CNRS premises. He graciously puts them at the disposal of digital flagships and start-ups teeming with ideas. The aim is to better understand artificial intelligence, explain it to the public, but also prevent its excesses. Guided tour of tomorrow’s world.

Video analytics

Analyzing the flow of vehicles, people, or even animals, to “put this science at the service of man”: this is Videtics’ ambition. This start-up is already working with the city of Cannes, to enable it to better understand the flow of cars or pedestrians, based on metadata. In the same room, Tetris and the county council show how, using a digital marker, a counting line is delineated to analyze vehicle flows at the entrance to a tunnel. The AI is responsible for identifying them by category. At ESI, the managers present various facets of video surveillance: thermal analysis of the human body, landmarks according to its movements, blurring of faces live, recognition of the attributes of a passer-by… whose insightful AI manages to assess age.

Data for professionals

Some professionals have already adopted it. Cityscan, a digital tool created by Kinexia, allows to analyze the real estate market, from one city and from one address to another. Dozens of indicators are cross-referenced to assess current prices, taking into account the proximity of schools, transport… Not to mention air quality, assessed by pollution maps over a year.

An invitation to travel online

The giant Amadeus shows how artificial intelligence, in the field of travel, “can solve a number of problems, help understand the motivations of travelers to anticipate their actions, without flooding them with inappropriate advertisements”, explains Nicolas Hauviller, head of innovation in the AI research laboratory. The aim is to limit the place of hazards. And above all, better anticipate them.

Assistance to people with the under-

Allowing the visually impaired to read the world around them is the challenge faced by the start-up B2Bot. Its real-time audio description system converts images into sentences, to tell them to the person’s ear. It “puts words on what we see, or should see,” sums up its president, François Badaud. For its part, the IBM behemoth presents its advances in an unexpected field: the accompaniment of the elderly, using multiple sensors.

And even a few grams of sweetness

Il lance des petits cris d’aise, réagit à l’intensité des caresses et vous regarde avec de petits yeux d’amour. Voici Paro, craquant bébé phoque ramené du Japon par Inno3Med. «Ce robot y a été conçu pour pallier absence animals in the As well of Care, Indicates Carla Rossini. The a to a True impact on Anxiety. The is not Not There For Replace The Dogs Yes Cats But For Appease. The Future is written Sometimes In Sweetness.

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