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Source: Les Echos as of 15-04-2020

This Hauts-de-Seine company has developed software that automates much of customer marketing through artificial intelligence. This fundraising should enable it to accelerate internationally.

The consequences of the coronavirus epidemic on the business market have not  topped all  investors. The publisher of software  for marketing  professionals  D-AIM has just raised 10 million euros from  Alliance, the leader of the operation,and SWEN Capital. They join  Sofiouest,  the company’s historic   investor, and  Omnes Capital, who are also contributing to the new round table.

D-AIM, which was called  Inbox  before taking the name of its  software  in January, claims  customers in media,  energy,  banking and telephony. Nearly two-thirds of its 100 employees are based at its headquarters in  Malakoff (Hauts-de-Seine). The others  are divided between its en locations in Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Tunisia.

This fundraising  is part of a long  process of transformation of the company co-founded in 2001 by Stéphane  Amarsy and Marilyn Courtois  Perin. “In 2016-2017, we work  with our clients to reflect on the future of artificial intelligence in our businesses. We have concluded that it should be used,”  explains the first

The resulting  D-AIM  software automates everything that can be automated in a customer marketing department, 70% of its business, including value-added tasks and data analysis. “It’s like accepting that a decision about a client can be made without a human being.  Every client becomes an autonomous entity,” sums up Stéphane Amarsy..

Above all, this automation enriches the  decision-making  process, not least because the machine learns. Marketing can discover  valuable deposits because the machine can test billions of  possibilities, instead of a few dozen  with conventional methods.  Criteria such as finance, production capacity,  the degree of customer solicitation or even the  carbon footprint can be taken into account, argues its manager.

Last year, D-AIM generated 52% of  its  6.4 million euros in  international sales.  This fundraising should enable it to continue its research and  accelerate in North America and the Middle East.

Dominique Malécot

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