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Source: ZDNet as of 02-04-2020

Digital transformation:    A  recent  Survey by TechRepublic Premium  shows  that  artificial  intelligence and machine learning  projects have  moved from the pilot project  phase to  the  implementation phase. .

Enthusiasm  for  artificial intelligence and machine learning  remains  high  in  2020,  as  evidenced by en  increased spending, development  and  implementation  of  AI and machine learning  projects overall.   company. The  way  companies  manage  these  projects was the  subject  of a  recent  survey conducted  by the website  TechRepublic Premium.

Many  companies  have gone  from assessing  the role of  AI and machine learning in  an operation  to effectively  deploying    technology.  Similarly,the  strategy  for  such initiatives has shifted   from senior executives  to middle managers,who  are responsible for  ensuring  the  success  of  projects..  

Specifically,the  survey results   showed    that these types of  projects  were  co-managed by IT  departments and relevant trades  for 23% of  respondents,  while  19%  said  that  only IT  managed  the  projects,and 11% that this was  the  role  of the data science departments.   This is a change  from  2019, which   showed  that 33% of  AI and machine learning  projects were  then  managed  by  IT.. 

Another  difference from 2019  is  the  steps taken to ensure the  success of an  AI project. In  2019,  this  meant   en small  pilot projects and  PoC  before   fully implementing  64% of   respondents. In  en    addition,14%  invested   in IT service training and relevant trades  and 9%  selected   vendors  or consultants  with AI expertise. .

AI mainly applied  to  commercial operations

By 2020,  these  stages  of  success  have evolved  into   working with management  to better identify cases  of  AI  use  (52%), training OF  IT staff (48%) and  investment in   data preparation,   IT and automation processes  (46%).

Concerns  about the implementation  en    of  AI projects  have  also  changed  from year to  year..  In  2019, the three  main  concerns regarding  project  en  implementation  were: users  do  not  know exactly  what  they expect from the  project  (53%), the service IT does en not have  the  skills  to   implement and  support  (47%) and senior  managers  do not understand the project  well  (33%).

In 2020, the  biggest concerns were that they did not  receive  business   results to justify investment  (48%), staff readiness  and the difficulty  of  finding specialized  talent  (38%)   and  too long implementation  (37%).  

It is  interesting   to note  that in  2020, 54% of     respondents   said that  their  senior managers  were  very  or  somewhat knowledgeable  about  AI. According to respondents,47%  applied  AI  to  business operations, 30% to marketing and sales, and 27% to  engineering  and  IT.

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