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Source: Courriel International as of 26-04-2020

In the absence of Eurovision, thirteen countries will compete in a contest of songs created by artificial intelligence. Australia relies on its melody composed of the sounds of koalas and Tasmanian devils. 

Eurovision fans may be able to console themselves. Inspired by the European song contest which had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teams from 13 European countries and Australia composed songs from artificial intelligence programs to participate in the AI  Song Context. 

Sponsored by Vpro,the public audiovisual group from the Netherlands where Eurovision was to be held this year,the competition is open to music enthusiasts, engineers, data scientists and computer programmers.

“Candidates  were invited to write artificial intelligence programs or adapt existing programs to create lyrics, melodies and harmonies for songs lasting up to 3 minutes each. In addition to submitting their pieces, teams must also present their algorithms,the models used and provide explanations of their creative process,” explains the journal Science on April 24. Science.

 France is represented by two groups:  Algomus,from the Center for Research in Computer Science,Signal and Automation (CRISCRIStAL de Lille),in collaboration with the University of Picardy Jules Verne in Amiens,
with their song “I keep counting” and DataDada with their  “I  shake  the world” 

Tribute to dead animals in Australia

The Australian team builds on its cultural heritage with its original song  “Beautiful The World” for which was “created a network of artificial says Science. 

A jury composed of two artificial intelligence specialists and a composer will judge the pieces but the public can  also vote  until May 10. The results will be announced two days later. The song that won the contest will be broadcast on Dutch radio. 

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