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Source: Evo India as of 21-04-2020

“In this fast-paced development era, in order to succeed in the competitive market, it would be the top priority for businesses to invest in AI”

We are living in the times when seconds hold the value of days and the tactics for what society says, moving along with time, have changed. Dynamicity is what defines the life closest to its meaning, and the world of digital marketing is naught but a live model of this phenomenon, which has now taken the driving seat for the journey of humanity ahead. Today in the era of virtual reality, what does not exist digitally, doesn`t exist for the majority. It is the only way to reach out to the huge audience it makes accessible since as the virtual world grows bigger, the real one ceases to exist a step further.

Artificial Intelligence is slowly leaving significant footprints in various sectors and easing the job of humans at multiple fronts. Today, the human workload has reduced remarkably with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. AI deals with creating machines that are enabled with skills through adaptive data to perform tasks with incredible accuracy. Being evolved with time, today it can be easily seen around us in the form of Voice Search, Programmatic media buying, propensity modelling, predictive analysis, ad targeting, navigation apps, streaming services, ride sharing, Chatbot and in smart home devices. Various online communicational arrays majorly affecting strategies these days such as social media, websites, online search engines, emails etc., are well utilised for user engagement. One builds on it by tracking user engagement and generating strategies to formulate a data-driven approach to achieve the desired results. However, with the technological advances, newer tools are being introduced with much newer prospects for the industry to flourish. AI is going to lead all the communicational decisions based on analytics.

AI simply adds creative intelligence in the existing work frame, to improve capabilities of existing products. In addition, AI is tailored through progressive learning algorithms, acting as a classifier or a predictor that acquires the skill through the data and continues to update with new additions. It achieves incredible accuracy by deeply analyzing the data using neutral networks and its accuracy keeps increasing by training to learning models with the help of heaps of data. For each marketer, the key still remains in gaining quality data for insights into differing campaigns which, although, wasn’t readily available earlier but now, robust analytics has opened doors for them to understand their customers better. I believe, in this fast-paced development era, in order to succeed in the competitive market, it would be the top priority for businesses to invest in AI.

AI has already made its mark through Google, Alexa or Siri, a few more of its implementations are remarkably visible in Google Maps, directing people to opt for better route options by predicting shorter driving routes through any city or place. Similarly, a major impact can be seen on the way we search through various search engines. They have also begun adapting to the language processing and semantic search wherein AI does not just recommend another product but also suggests similar items and auto-corrects mistakes as well! This only eases the customer’s work process and gives them a personalized experience, too.

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