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Artificial intelligence optimizes production and detailed planning

Source: Digital process industry as of 03-03-2020

In order to make it easier for the manufacturing industry to process its resources for order processing, SCT GmbH is presenting for the first time the new PP/DS module for discovers, which uses artificial intelligence to determine the optimum of production and detailed planning. The PP/DS (Product Planning and Detailed Scheduling) module optimizes the interaction of materials, capacities and orders based on state-of-the-art heuristics and metaheuristics in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to optimize capacity utilization, throughput, adherence to deadlines and productivity when scheduling individual order processes. The PP/DS system orchestrates resource availability, splitting factors, cost parameters, cycle times, and factory and shift calendars, among other things. Interfaces to SAP and other ERP systems can also be used as a supplement. Users have three different methods at their disposal, each of which offers different benefits: either they use fully automatic integrated material, capacity and job scheduling to obtain AIoptimized production and detailed planning without further action. Or they can plan operations and orders from the planning board by hand by drag&drop into the existing capacity offer. As a third method, it is possible to plan against unlimited capacity in order to be able to visualize the current utilization situation of the plant. Despite the latest AI technology, the new system is also well below the price range of previously available PP/DS systems.
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