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Source: as of 02-06-2020

The Bucharest Biennale of Contemporary Art had to postpone its ninth edition, the theme of which is “Farewell to Research”,to 28 June and migrated online in response to the current health crisis. But in 2022, the next of the Biennale already promises to make a sensation… The curatorship of its tenth  edition  will be entrusted to a robot named Jarvis, in reference to the butler of the Stark family in the Marvel comics.

Thanks to the Viennese studio Spinnwerk, for the next two years, Jarvis will learn a series of concepts of the curator’s profession and then study the databases of various museums, universities and galleries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will browse databases to establish a selection of artists and creators who will then be exhibited in a virtual reality gallery. A first. The AI will be able to draw up a list of future participants in the biennial, as Spinnwerk founder Razvan Ion explains to the trade publication  The Art Newspaper.

In addition to this novelty, the tenth edition of the event will take a decidedly virtual turn. Virtual reality booths will be installed in Bucharest and Vienna to allow people who do not have virtual reality headsets to enjoy the experience.

AI, an artist in his own right?

The art market shows a real appetite for AI-generated artworks in recent times. The “Portrait of Edmond de Belamy”,created by an algorithm, sold for $432,500 at Christie’s in October 2018, a real record for a work of this type.

An ultra-realistic humanoid AI called Ai-Da also mounted a solo exhibition in July 2019 at St John’s College,Oxford. She presented drawings, paintings, sculptures and video art.

Thanks to its built-in cameras, Ai-Da was able to draw realistic portraits by holding a pencil with a humanoid arm.


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