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Source: Cine Series as of 26-06-2020

A sci-fi film will once again stage artificial intelligence. But this time with a real A.I. to play that part. Named Erica, she was developed and worked to evolve according to her character. The film is titled “b” and has an estimated budget of $70 million.

 An A.I. becomes an actress

Terminator,  Matrix,  Westworld… Many audiovisual works (not to mention literature or video games) have warned us about the dangers of  artificial intelligence. We should have understood from now on that robots will have our skin! And yet, the human continues to work on it and improve it so that one day the machines will replace us. Let’s hope that then a Neo or a Sarah Connor comes to save us… Joking aside, before we get to that point, it is first within the film industry that artificial intelligence will make its debut. As revealed by  The Hollywood Reporter,a “machine” is poised to star in a sci-fi feature film,whose budget is already estimated at  $70 million. Although the project does not yet have a director, scenes with the I. A have already been filmed. Producers hope to be able to shoot the rest in Europe in June 2021.

Ex Machina in real life

The film, titled for the moment  b, will follow a scientistwho develops a program to improve human DNA. His research leads him to create Erica, an artificial intelligence that manages to escape. If this story, imagined by Eric Pham, Tarek Zohdy and Sam Khoze, recalls in particular  Ex Machina  byAlex Garland, theoriginality comes from the fact that this  Erica does exist in real life. It was created by Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa, two Japanese scientists studying robotics. They were inspired by the methods of acting to allow this A.I. to evolve, as Sam Khoze explains:

In some acting methods, actors use their own life experiences to create their role. But Erica has no life experience. It was created from scratch to play the role. We had to simulate his movements and emotions through individual sessions, we controlled the speed of his movements, talked about his feelings and framed the character’s development and body language.

Concretely, we are right there in the middle of the Westworld series which features conversations between a human creator (Arnold) and an android (Dolores). Fascinating or disturbing? It’s up to you…

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