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Source: Viuz as of 17-03-2020

Accenture Interactive offered us one of the most interesting cases for the 7th edition of  The Night of the Kings , which won last March 5 gold in the category “New Experiences”.

We go into detail about this innovative artificial intelligence project.

The finding of social isolation:

According to a Stockholm County study, more than 250,000 people in the capital live in extreme social isolation and Sweden is one of the countries most affected by loneliness in the world. Among these individuals, seniors are one of the most affected groups.  Extensive medical studies on the health of older adults have shown that loneliness accelerates health problems, including depression and early senility, and is a danger in the same way as smoking or obesity.

Stockholm Exergi has developed Memory Lane in an effort to help this often-forgotten population.

Converse with a voice assistant:

Developed by Accenture Interactive, the technology at the heart of the Memory Lane project is a voice assistant capable of asking personal questions and understanding the correlation between different answers, thanks to artificial intelligence. Which produces a real conversation.

Each day, Memory Lane analyzes elements of previous conversations and creates a memory graph, a virtual and structured interpretation of a person’s memory. The structure of this graph is based on a hierarchical taxonomy where information is organized logically and correlations between information are identified. This creates a summary of the conversation, which allows a person’s story to be told as a human being would.

AI in the service of the social:

Until now, voice technology has been perceived as cold and dehumanized, but this project demonstrates that it can help bring generations together and bring significant health benefits.

The model of dialogue between the smart speaker and the user is changed here, it is not the user who asks a question and the speaker that answers but the other way around. AI not only collects responses, analyzes them and creates a dialogue with the user.

The solution is able to automatically summarize the exchanges with the user in order to speed up the work of a writer.

This solution is a great illustration of Tech for Good, where artificial intelligence and data have been used in a different way to provide a service that will preserve memories and pass them on to future generations.

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