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Source: Memento as of 04-05-2020

The Society of Importing Pharmacists of Reunion (SIPR), led by Emmanuel Loupy, has been actively involved in the development of this unusual technological solution. This is a voice assistant who asks you questions about your health via a procedure with a voice of a woman’s robot. The trump card is that its 1,000 “virtual agents” are available all the time, day and night.. The aim is to accompany and monitor the evolution of Covid-19 in order to bring as much data as possible to researchers, professors, doctors and experts in epidemiology and artificial intelligence of INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in order to better understand the effects, the spread or even bring a feeling of listening to those who think they have the symptoms.. But we must not forget that it is not a doctor at the end of the line, but a robot capable of synthesizing medical information and directing it “on their susceptibility to being affected or not by Covid-19“. “AlloCOVID will support the release of containment and immediately detect potential outbreaks of resurgence, in a synergistic and complementary way to existing devices centralized by Public Health France,” the statement promises. A technological feat. Bravo Reunion! Just dial 0806 800 540 as many times as your condition would require.. This “smart” virtual agent is inexhaustible..

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