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Artificial intelligence can now create “memes” automatically

Source: Le Big Data as of 30-04-2020

Bastien L April 30, avril 2020 Artificial  Intelligence  Closed Comments on Artificial Intelligence Can Now Create “Memes” Automatically

The Imgflip website has created a tool called “This Meme Does Not Exist”. This tool allows to create “memes” automatically thanks to artificial intelligence, and the result is sometimes hilarious…

Artificial intelligence and automation  threaten many jobs in all industries.. From now on, Internet users who spend hours creating viral “memes” could also be replaced by AI

The “Imgflip” website, which until now allowed the creation of custom memes and GIFs, has created a meme generator based on Machine Learning.

As a reminder, a meme is an image shared massively on the internet. The image remains the same, but the caption is constantly changed.. The comic element can thus be adapted to a news or  any context. This is a new form of humor that has emerged with the internet.

Imgflip has created a meme generator based on the same technology as deepfakes

This new tool created by Imgflip, entitled “This Meme Does Not Exist “, allows to create new legends for the most popular memes. It is based on the same technology  as the  famous  “Deep Fakes”.

Neural  are used to enable a computer to learn from data. In this case,the founder of Imgflip,Dylan Wenzlau, used more than 100 million legends of memes to drive his generator.

Thus, the AI has managed to “understand” the comic spring of the most famous à ” memes. For example, here is an AI-generated l’IA version of the well-known “distracted boyfriend” meme:

At the moment, it is possible to choose from 48 famous memes. One click is all it takes to let artificial intelligence generate a random legend. 

Let’s be honest: for now, the majority of memes generated by this AI are totally absurd. They can also be extremely vulgar, since no filter is applied.

However, chance does things well and some of these random memes can turn out to be very funny. In this case, this tool leaves us to think about a future where we could laugh at a humor generated by machines.

When will the first “One Robot Show” where the comedian give way to a machine capable of generating skits and jokes to fall to the ground? Will comedy TV series ever be written by AI?

While waiting for this future where Man can let the en machine entertain him, you can create your own memes with a single click thanks to “This Meme Does Not Exist” by going  to  this  address

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