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Source: Le Télégramme – Brest as of 02-03-2020

Artificial intelligence will change our daily lives in the coming years. John Queffélec, a former Microsoft player, is convinced that Brest can become a stronghold in this field.

John Queffelec  worked  travaillé for Microsoft for fifteen  years,  but  also  for  a  French  company in Silicon Valley. He  is pour  now,  in particular,in charge of the French Tech Brest – on  artificial intelligence. .

What place  can Brest play  in the artificial intelligence economy?  

“After seeing  Silicon Valley’s  development  cycles on the internet and mobile, I  am  convinced  that Brest has  a  real  card to  play. It has  all  the  assets  to do so: the ecosystem, public  and  privateresearch, a  varied industrial fabric, training… Not  to mention  quality  qualité  of life!

“Brest can  be,in five  years,a  centre of expertise  and  global excellence  on  artificial intelligence, with fifteen  young,  cutting-back companies.   The first  step  is  to attract  a big name of  artificial intelligence  to Brest, and we  are  on  track   to do so.”  

What   is  justementthe  current project to host  a Microsoft school on  artificial intelligence in  Brest?

“Microsoft has announced  its  intention to set up  schools  dedicated  to  artificial intelligence in 20  cities  in France. There were more than a  hundred applications… Today,  in  Brittany, Microsoft has  selected  Brest, along with Rennes. Simply put,  it  lacks the final agreement of the  Region,which  must  participate in the  financing of the  project,with Microsoft and local  business   partners..

“Microsoft did an audit for two days in Brest  in   ont  November:  ils  they  saw  the ecosystem,  discovered the labs,the CHRU,   promising start-ups,   big  groups groupes  like  Arkéa,Crédit Agricole  or  Alcatel… And  that convinced  them to start the process. It  is hoped that we will be able  to make the official announcement  in the  spring,for  a  first promotion  in  September  2020.”

How will this  school work? fonctionnera

“Microsoft has teamed up, on  this  project,with Simplon,  a  society  of  social  and  solidarity economy,   specializing in the digital conversion  of populations  far from employment,  refugees,etc. The idea  is  to have  a  pool of talent for local start-ups  or  other  companies  that  want to settle in Brest. Now,  one  of the subjects  of  artificial intelligence, it  will be the  battle of  talent. “In  practical terms,  the school will be  free

 for students:    they  will undergo  eight  months of intensive training,  followed by  a  one-year  professionalisation contract, in a  partner company. .  The school  will issue  four  diplomas, three of which  are open  l’open source and one more  specialized  Microsoft. These  will be promotions of up to 24 alternates. And we already have  very  strong letters of intent from companies for d’entreprises  45  positions… The schoolwill  ellebe  established  in  a  partner company, which  is  not  yet  chosen.”  

Artificial intelligence is  feared  for  its  potential job destruction …

“Before you eventually    destroythem, it   creates them!   With the Microsoft school  and  its alternating positions,    among specialized  start-ups,    by  all  the new trades in companies  entreprises… And  there  will be  real  opportunities for   conversion: for  example,  exemple  transactional positions, such as cashier-typepositions,  will be  reclassified  as   advisors. And behind the   a data,  there  is  also  storage, maintenance, which  requires maintenance,  electricians,  heaters,etc.

  “Today,we talk less about  artificial  intelligence  than  about augmented intelligence: it   is  mainly  decision-making aid, which will décisionnot  replace   man. And  all  industries, from health to  en education,  through  the military  or  mass  grande  distribution,  are  concerned with   this  subject.”  

Brest Practice hosts,from March 4 to 6, “Brest is AI” to learn all about   artificial intelligence. .

The program  at

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