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Source: La Republique du centre as of 01-06-2020

Will the Lab’IA Loire Valley seethe light of day (probably not until 2021) within the Lab’O? Businesses in the region are, in any case, invited to speak on the issue.

Frédéric Ros, the director of Orleans Val de Loire Technopole(OVLT) is behind the project. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) resource could open next year at Lab’OinOrleans, if all goes well.
It will beabout, on-site or remotely, helping businesses in the region to raise awareness, sensibiliserto document themselves, to train themselves, to define their needs, to find a provider…

They can also, since mid-May, respond to an  online survey  on the subject. This already allows them to become aware of the issue of artificial intelligence, a concept still unclear to many.

What’s the point?

And yet, explains Corinne Néau, of OVLT,”every computerized company has data, even the list of its employees or customers, who may have filled out satisfaction forms that are not done anything. Artificial intelligence can point out that so many customers demand that a particular product be red and not blue…”, the mission officer said.

But AI can fulfill many other missions, analyzing millions of information in no time… It allows,for  example, tooptimize travel in a logistics logistique warehouse, to prevent breakdowns on machines, to  find  the  most  suitable profiles  

And because France is behind on the issue and there is nothing like it in the Loire Valley region, the Technopole, with its partners (university, Syntec, Industry of the future…) hopes that his case will receive a good response from Bpifrance in order, then, to seek financial assistance as part of the future investment.

The budget is estimated at 2 million euros over four years (before reaching financial autonomy), in order, in particular, to equip themselves with tools, software,and to recruit three experts and a high-level technician. Who will be able to find their way among the data,to be pedagogues and to listen to the needs of customers. Which will not be artificial.

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