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Source: The Star Malaysia as of 10-03-2020

An English version of a widely used CT (computed tomography) scan analysis system powered by artificial intelligence was fired up last week by the National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin and is set to aid in treating patients with pneumonia caused by Covid-19The centre teamed up with Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, as well as other domestic hospitals and institutions to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance system over the past few months for analysing CT images of the Covid19 pneumonia. The Chinese version was released in February.

The launch of the English version aims to maximise the effectiveness of the platform and help international medical and scientific research teams in need.

The system has been tested and adopted by hundreds of experts from more than 50 research and development institutions worldwide and from over 30 hospitals nationwide, based on the Tianhe Integrated Artificial Intelligence Innovation Platform developed using China’s Tianhe supercomputer at the National Supercomputer Centre.

The first-time accuracy of the system in confirming the presence of Covid-19 has been praised by doctors. Early this month, the research and development team carried out training for the AI system nationwide in a bid to further optimise and improve its accuracy and reliability.

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