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Source: Hibapress as of 31-03-2020


Professor Megan Coffee, of the Grossman  School  of  Medicine at New York University,  in the Journal Computers, Materials and Continua, that a  tool  developed  yesterday  Monday  by  American and Chinese researchers  that  uses  artificial intelligence,   predicts  which  patients  Coronavirus  will develop  severe pulmonary complications  

Once  deployed,  this  tool  could  allow doctors  to  treat  certain  patients  as  a  priority  as  health  systems  in many countries around the world  reach  saturation

The tool  has discovered  several  indicators  that  strongly assume  a  patient’s ability  to  develop  Acute  Respiratory Distress  Syndrome  (EDS),  a complication of Covid-19 that  fills  the lungs with  fluid  and  kills   about 50% of  people developing it. .

Intelligent  analysis of data  from  53 coronavirus patients at two hospitals in Wenzhou,  en  China, showed  changes  in the  level  of  alanine  aminotransfers,  an  enzyme  present in the liver, the rate of hemoglobin  and  pain reports    were the most accurate indications  of a  complication.

With other  diagnostiquer  factors,  the tool  was  able to diagnose a  risk  of EDS with up to  80%  accuracy.

Sex  or  age are   not  ans useful  indicators,   although    other  studies  have  indicated  that patients  aged  60 and over  are  a  high-risk   group. .

Artificial intelligence is already  being used by dermatologists  to  predict  which  patients  are  likely  to  develop skin cancer. .

We are  now  trying to refine  this  tool  with  data from New York,  epicenter of the pandemic in the  United  States,  hoping  that it  can  be ready to  be  deployed  in  April..

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