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Source: Siecle Digital as of 09-06-2020

Three works were presented by researchers associated with Amazon

On the sidelines of the IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference from June 14-19, Amazon revealed three articles on AI that will be presented there. These three items feature systems that are supposed to make it easier for online shoppers to choose their clothing choices. A sector that has been of interest to the e-commerce leader  for several years.

AI for style

The IEEE will ironically organize the 2020 edition of its conference on the recognition of forms and vision by computer, CVPR, by videoconference, Covid-19 obliges. Amazon, a major player in the field, will offer ten communications. The e-commerce platform has decided to focus on three articles by its researchers on the “core of Amazon’s business,” retail, here in the fashion industry.

The first AI has already been communicated by Amazon in March 2020. It is a neural network capable of understanding the written demands of the consumer on his garment. For example, AI must be able to respond appropriately to a vague query such as “something more formal” or more specific such as “change the style of the neck.”

The second AI revealed by Amazon has learned to associate clothes with each other, depending on color, style, complementarity and suggest them to the customer. For example, when buying a shirt and pants, the program will offer the consumer a pair of shoes that are well associated with the previously chosen set.

The latest system, using GAN, learning algorithms used to compose realistic images, will allow different outfits to be combined on a model. Ideal for estimating whether such a skirt pairs well with such a top.

Amazon still has a long way to go

These seemingly simple different AIs are technically difficult to develop. Networks must learn to associate clothes with each other, learn to edit images from different sources to associate them, transcribe orders written in pictures… The first AI presented, capable of transcribing the consumer’s written instructions in pictures, achieves this in 58% of cases, better than its competitors according to Amazon, but the score still seems low.

Those who expect artificial intelligence to upset the online clothing industry can still wait. We are far from the interactive mirror that will make the fitting of clothes obsolete for which Amazon has filed a patent in 2018. Jeff Bezos’ company nevertheless confirms, through its communication and investments in research, its interest in the fashion sector.

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