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Source: Geeko as of 23-07-2020

Scientists want to predict the risk of worsening symptoms in infected patients, thanks to artificial intelligence.

While the number of new cases is on the rise again in many deconfinated countries, notably belgium and France, a Chinese company is trying to develop ways to predict the worsening of current cases. Chinese telecom giant’s artificial intelligence research division, Tencent, has teamed up with a group of scientists led by China’s senior medical advisor on Covid-19 to develop a platform to predict the worsening of the pandemic.

The device described in the scientific journal Nature Communications is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. Ai studied and processed the medical files of 2,983 Chinese patients to estimate the risk of aggravation of a person infected with coronavirus. To achieve this, AI reviews various medical parameters (symptoms, chronic diseases, blood concentration, etc.). Based on this information, AI is able to give a probability that the patient’s condition will worsen or not in the coming days.

The use of this AI-led platform is to help hospitals better manage patients with the virus. The worsening of the infection often manifests itself quickly and without warning. Thanks to its AI, Tencent wants hospitals to be able to provide the necessary care to frail people before their symptoms worsen. The platform  is accessible online and open to all clinical staff from around the world.

This is not the first time that AI has been used to assess the spread or worsening of coronavirus symptoms. In China, a country where this form of technology is particularly advanced, other large companies used it during the Covid-10 crisis, including Alibaba and Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google.

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