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Source: Presse citron as of 17-05-2020

Did you know that? France, led by Algomus and Friends, finished 4th in Eurovision this year. Unfortunately, this was not the official competition but an ancillary event organized by the Dutch television Vpro. Could not organize the event in satisfactory conditions in terms of social distancing this year,the Dutch channel had the idea to organize a remote contest where all the songs were designed by artificial intelligence.

The AI Song Contest saw 13 teams of scientists, programmers and musicians compete. . These remain essential to give a little coherence to the whole as algorithms algorithmes can indulge in very unsym harmonious creations. The audience s’est first decided on the songs before the jury delivered its final verdict on Tuesday.

“AI has a big role to play in the future of the music industry”

It was the Australian team that won the bet. His song Beautiful the World pays a vibrant tribute to nature’s resilience following the major fires in the country. The AI has combined a clever mix of audio samples of animals such as koalas or Tasmanian devils. 

France was not left out with two teams that participated in the competition. As  West France points out, Data Dada has focused on Eurovision’s biggest hits to compose a song with rather improbable lyrics: “I shake the world / Oh, don’t call me funny bunny / I’m Robert Baratin”. However, the jury seems to have liked it, as it rose to 9th place.

This first will in any case have allowed to highlight atypical creations while highlighting the impact of artificial intelligence on this sector. “We shouldn’t see AI as a way to get a computer to work without any human intervention. . But if a musician can use it to create new ideas that he might never have thought of, it’s super interesting. I think AI has a big role to play in the future of the music industry,” says VPRO Editor-in-Chief Karen van Dijk, who came up with the idea to organize the AI Song Contest. 

Artificial intelligence researchers work a lot on music. We were talking about Jukebox,for example, this AI that can create original songs with melody,lyrics and voice based on a musical style.

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