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AI Expert: Intelligent Robots Will Rebel Against Humans

Source: Newsmax as of 24-02-2020

A leading  artificial intelligence expert says human will be able to create robots with human-level intelligence, but those robots will then rebel against us. Once machines have developed a “human level of intelligence,” there is little we can do to control them, Dr Ian Pearson said. Dr. Ian Pearson believes that humans will easily be able to create intelligent robots, but those robots will be smart enough to seek independent lives and rebel against human control. “So in 2035 you could probably make a robot, but you’re left with how far to go before you give them human-levels of intelligence?” the futurologist said in an interview with Daily Star, published Monday.

 “I would say probably 2050 given AI is going really slowly at the moment. We only have a few niches where computers are better than people, so some games etc.”  Pearson predicted that machines will gain human levels of intelligence and above,and when they do, we will lose the ability to control them because they will “understand that you are just trying to control them.” This is what could spark a robotic rebellion.  

“So if they are as smart as you and I, and you have told these robots that they must not harm people, well that’s the same things you tell your kids but occasionally kids grow up into terrorists,” Pearson, a former cybernetics engineer, continued.  

“Someone else tells them something and they get groomed into becoming terrorist activities or into drugs. So you can tell these robots with human levels of intelligence, you can tell them whatever you want.” 

 The machines will choose to understand that they are being boxed in and will want to break out of their confines. “And they will go, do whatever harm,” Pearson warned, adding that the issue will further be compounded by the race to give robots both the intelligence and physical attributes of a human. “The danger there is that these synthetic muscle tissues, even today in a lab are 15 times more powerful than human muscles weight for weight. You can make an android that looks identical to a human being, but she’s 15 times stronger,” he said.

The basic principle is that there is little stopping us from making a machine that is “in many ways identical to the human brain,” Pearson added. “If you do that, it will have the same freedom of decision-making and you cannot control it, I don’t believe you can control it.” 



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