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Source: Direction Informatique as of 20-07-2020

Catherine Morin – 20/07/2020

Montreal-based Stradigi AI, which specializes in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) software, has just launched a self-service version of its Kepler machine learning platform.

Established in June 2019, Kepler offers data automation features to help organizations commercialize AI projects on their own.

The platform facilitates, among other things, the application of AI for workforce management, price optimization, customer segmentation, churn prediction, demand forecasting, maintenance forecasting and sentiment analysis.

The solution “was designed to enable users without experience in programming or data science to implement predictions generated through machine learning,” said Krishna Roy, data science analyst for 451Research.

While many companies need to modernize their digital infrastructure to better adapt to the market and remain profitable, many face a shortage of specialized personnel in this area.

A recent Study by Indeed  shows that while job opportunities in AI are increasing, job searches in this field are decreasing. This trend suggests a general lack of AI expertise.

This skills shortage has led to a significant number of incomplete AI projects within organizations, according to Stradigi AI.

With a self-service version of Kepler, the Montreal-based company wants to eliminate the complexity of implementing AI and help companies accelerate the delivery of their projects.

The platform provides all of its users with orchestration and decision-making features to reduce the time spent on costly and arduous tasks usually performed by data science experts.

This accessible solution allows all organizations to take advantage of machine learning and address complex data-based use cases

Stradigi AI offers the download of a trial version of Kepler on its website.

The launch comes two weeks after European company Roland Berger  selected Stradigi AI to join Terra Numerata,its exclusive global network of partners.

The two organizations plan to work together to meet the growing need of Roland Berger’s AI solutions customers.

Kepler will solve commercial use cases for sectors in which Roland Berger has extensive experience, such as automotive and manufacturing.

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