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AI actors unite to prevent a replica of the epidemic

Source: L’Opinion as of 13-05-2020

OUR MÉTIER: Exploring data, datas data. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we build algorithms,which calculate the probability of phenomena occurring, and on the basis of these probabilities lead us to propose the most relevant strategic solutions to our customers or any organization that might find an interest in them. 

Actors of data science,we have always fought the idea that AI would be dangerous and harmful to individual freedoms, and believe that on the contrary it can be used for the common good. Activists of citizen data, we are convinced that the health crisis that affects the world offers an opportunity to show, concretely,that AI can protect people and save touche lives. At a time when France is en decomring,the whole issue will be to foresee the risks of a second wave of the pandemic returning and to ensure, if it occurs, to anticipate it as soon as possible to reduce health risks. To do this, we model a mapping of databases that will be useful,which will lead to a transformation of the raw data thus collected, in what we call metadata. This meta data will allow everyone to view it on an open and accessible platform for free.

Weak signals. We will then deploy our expertise to develop an algorithmic model that will help detect weak signals that may herald a return to the epidemic. We will decipher this updated data to determine the risks of a home being formed in tel a particular location. The authorities will then have additional resources to intervene upstream, sometimes even before the outbreak, thanks to the possibilities offered by AI.

This approach guarantees our independence and our French technological sovereignty. But to be effective, it obliges us to appeal to the public authorities. Thanks to them,we might be able to consult all the data necessary to create an effective bulwark against the possible second wave of Covid-19. Indeed, for full effectiveness, it would be necessary to be able to consult a dozen sources of information that are now in reserved access: both the database of consultations with general practitioners as well as data relating to screening tests or those concerning the Mapping Observatory of Public Health France(Geodes).

We could also obtain data from the Blue Cards GIE (which analyzes behaviours) or data from Covid-19. Of course,the data will have to be systematically anonymized before we en can use it. And, at all stages of our project,we nous are committed to being scrupulously respectful of the laws that guarantee the freedoms of every citizen.

Today,we work with publicly available databases. But, en by cooperating more closely with health authorities, our team of volunteers could become more efficient. This project, which we could call “out covid” will acquire an additional maturity. We are not just calling on the government. It is also,more broadly,a call to unite all data specialists who will want to join us that we launch here.

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