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Source: La Tribune Toulouse as of  13-03-2020

Based in Sophia-Antipolis, it presents itself as a demonstrator, showcasing what AI brings, upsets, enables concretely in everyday life and the various sectors of the economy. A House that takes its place in an ecosystem where AI also becomes a marker of territorial marketing.

L’IA fait couler beaucoup d’encre et nourrit beaucoup de fantasmes. C’est exactement pour pouvoir mettre de l’ordre dans le foisonnement d’idées préconçues et de possibilités réelles que ce nouvel outil prend sa raison d’être.

At the initiative of the project, there is the Department of the Alpes-Maritimes and its president Charles-Ange Ginesy, himself engaged in a program dedicated to promoting digital in its aspects of facilitator and assistance in responding to economic issues called Smart Deal. A program that marco Landi, former president of Apple Europe, who has some idea of the subject, is piloted and inspired by. Together with the Department, it is also the Chamber of Commerce and Industry like the Côte d’Azur University that has committed themselves. Because AI, after all… doesn’t compartmentalize.


This House of AI a So Several Vocations. So hub that Must Do Act of Pedagogy With  YoungOf Citizen But Also  Companies. And for This il y a plein de façons de le faire, du showroom au colloque en passant par des expérimentations et surtout par le Lab IA, destiné à générer des synergies entre entreprises, startups et collectivités. La fameuse fertilisation croisée, si chère au fondateur de la technopôle, Pierre Laffitte.

Opérationnel, ce nouvel outil s’inscrit plus largement dans un écosystème qui mise beaucoup sur l’IA. Ainsi, l’obtention de l’Institut 3IA a certes été une victoire collective du l’ensemble du territoire Nice Sophia-Antipolis, cependant il ne faut pas oublier que si telle obtention a été possible c’est bien parce que le département regorge d’expertises et que tout mouvement fédérateur est le bienvenu, The goal Being that the Sum  Skills Benefits To All. The House Comes So Add A Industry Additional, Structuring.


Mais c’est aussi l’Observatoire des impacts technologiques, économiques et sociétaux de l’IA, (OTESIA) qui apporte une plus-value. Un Observatoire crée il y a quelques mois, doté d’une mission Precise. “The Is responsible for Collect And to exploit  Data on the Development digital and digital AI, to make Eve Technological. The Reflects To Consequences of AI new trades, new trades Behaviour, new uses and, above all, Participate construction a year Real Ethics”, Explains Charles Angel Ginesy.

Un autre outil qui vient répondre aux besoins et inquiétudes, qui vient mettre une couche d’éthique là où l’utilisation de la donnée peut à la fois faire Afraid And Is Promising.

But the role of the House of Artificial Intelligence is also – and above all! – to work in a network. Teamwork – or collaborative work as the formula dictates – is paramount on a subject that, once again, belongs to no one and is only worth it if it is shared. “Our next projects include work with IMREDD (the Mediterranean Institute of Risk and Sustainable Development) on an experimental study on the management of natural hazards in the territory. The aim would be to set up a platform to improve the management of these risks in the department while promoting prevention. We are also making progress in deploying fibre optics throughout the AlpesMaritimes,” says Charles Ange Ginesy.

Promote The links between Academicresearch, The company Is Obviously Necessary to keep the Skills, make them Mature Still More and above all, Keep The Power attraction.


Because of course the Côte d’Azur is not the only one to be strong in AI theme. But by capitalizing on the expertise it possesses, it leaves it to show the territory as an attractive playground for companies, investors, or any innovative project. In terms of territorial marketing, the Côte d’Azur knows that it must also focus on its industry, and digital is indeed one. The ambition displayed by institutional actors

c’est de faire du territoire une référence au niveau européen. L’échelon est sans doute le bon et Just Level For Allow to increase A Visibility who doesn’t Application Not Better that assert themselves. Reconciliation Operated With University Laval in Quebec City Autumn Last Accompanies This Will. The Evidence What International and the Côte d’Azur, It Works Always. Overall for the Territory, it’s Obviously an argument Additional of Seduction in his escarcelle. As long as the whole Is Developed… intelligently.

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