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A Antibiotic Is Discovered By Artificial Intelligence

Source: The Montreal Journal as of  22-02-2020

WASHINGTON (AFP) Researchers MIT and Harvard To United states Have Discovered Thanks at one Algorithm Intelligence Artificial A New Molecule Antibiotic able to Kill  Bacteria Resistant To Antibiotics Traditional, A Breakthrough Major Long Expected.

The antibiotics currently in use are already old, and the traditional process of discovering new ones is costly and cumbersome.

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to search, “in silico,” i.e. by computer modeling, which chemical molecules would be able to attack certain bacteria, by having libraries of chemical compounds examined by AI.

“We Wanted Develop A Platform Allowing to exploit The power of Artificial Intelligence For Open A New Era de Discovery de Medicines Antibiotics », Explains James Collins, Professor Engineering Medical at MIT, Author de This is the first time Discovery Published Thursday In the Cell journal. “Our Approach Has Revealed This is the first time Molecule Incredible That Is Without Doubt antibiotic the most powerful ever Discovered ».


AI expands the scope of drug candidates to molecules that researchers did not suspect. The idea is not new (decades), but until now, the methods were not refined enough to really find effective molecules.

The Researchers Have Led Theirs Model To leave  Bacteria Escherichia coli, Then Have Wanted Among the A Library\r 6,000 Compounds Chemical Which Had The Characteristics Sought. The algorithm found a Composed to the structure Different  Antibiotics ExistingAnd Predicted that he Would Effective Against de Many Bacteria.

They Have Baptized The Molecule « halicine », In Tribute To Computer HAL of the film

2001, The Odyssey de Space, Then have Tested In Laboratory Against  Tens de Strains Bacterial Taken on patients and patients Grown in vitro.

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