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Daily Archives: July 2, 2020

Has AI arrived for financial services?

Source: Finextra as of 02-07-2020 When will artificial intelligence really have ‘arrived’? For a long time, this was a question for philosophers and computer scientists, pondering over whether passing the Turing test truly indicates intelligence, or debating about how broad our definition of artificial…

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Source: International Banker as of 02-07-2020 Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly moved from science fiction to the mainstream across many industries, including retail and commercial banking. AI is proving itself to be useful in a variety of ways in back-, middle- and front-office applications.…

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Google brings its AI-powered SmartReply to YouTube

Source: Venture Beat as of 01-07-2020 Google today brought SmartReply, its AI technology that suggests responses to messages, to YouTube. From within YouTube Studio, creators can now use SmartReply to respond to users who comment on their videos in English and Spanish. SmartReply will only make suggestions…

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