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Daily Archives: June 5, 2020

How sustainable is artificial intelligence?

Source: Der Standard as of 05-06-2020   Artificial intelligence can help us in many aspects – even in the need for environmental protection. Initially, there is a lot of computing power from server centers. However, they are often powered by coal-fired electricity.Artificial intelligence (AI) is…

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AI to play key role post Covid-19

Source: Khaleej Times as of 05-06-2020 Dubai — Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a key role to play in ensuring the health and safety of employees as they begin to return to work, following the easing of lockdown measures, experts said at the 2020…

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Concis 2020 Report: Artificial Intelligence In The Educational System Competitive Landscape Of the Market And Industrial Growth The COVID-19 Disruption Impact In 2029

Source: Info du Continent as of 04-06-2020 "Entire Artificial Intelligence in the Educational System Market, [Forecast 2020-2029] Succinct Study Report" is an in-depth survey of the current state of the global industry Artificial Intelligence in the educational system with a focus on the short-…

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The AI Marketer

Source: CMS WiRE as of 04-06-2020 When you think of a corporate hero, artificial intelligence (AI) probably isn’t the first knight in shining armor you think of. Yet, AI’s ability to simplify tasks traditionally handled by a human has made it a predominant component…

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