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Tag: Algorithm

Artificial intelligence: an algorithm capable of diagnosing 134 skin diseases

Source: Pourquoi Docteur as of 05-04-2020 Researchers  have  created  an  algorithm capable of diagnosing  diagnostiquer  134  skindiseases. A  tool  they  hope  to make  available to the general public to increase  prise   the early  management  of  certain cancer lesions.  .  Vitiligo, dermatitis,psoriasis,  eczema,  melanoma,shingles,  herpes,…

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Algorithm with imbalance

Source: Der Standard as of 13-03-2020 Artificial intelligence often reflects the prejudices of the people who created it. With fatal consequences: Poorer job opportunities for women could also be fixed in bits and bytes. Artificial intelligence is moving into human resources departments. It is…

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