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A man wrote a Led Zeppelin song with the help of an artificial intelligence, Mountain Man

Source: Metalzone as of 29-07-2020


Listen to Mountain Man, a Led Zeppelin song written by artificial intelligence.

This song comes from YouTuber Funk Turkey, which used a set of lyrics provided by – a web service that digs into Genius’s database and then intelligently assembles the results using predictive algorithms to compose a new song. He later added music, before singing the lyrics imitating Robert Plant. The result is Mountain Man.

You will notice that the video does not contain any footage of Led Zeppelin, but Funk Turkey has an explanation:

I know that I usually use concert images of the band for my videos. However, YouTube keeps blocking my clip for this song, which means I had to deploy the stock of photos of adorable puppies!

This isn’t the first time Funk Turkey has been up against AI. Some time ago, he directed an Iron Maiden song, Power Gravy, one from  Metallica, Deliverance Rides, oneof  AC/DC, Great Balls, and hecreated The Nickelbot, which used the same techniques to compose a new Nickelback song, Every Nobody Died Single Day. In fact, Funk Turkey welcomes suggestions for future projects. Listen to his work below!

Led Zepbot :

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